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David began his journey with energy through practicing martial arts. After exploring different modalities, he found BodyTalk in 2008. He took the fundamental courses to become a certified BodyTalk Practitioner and continued to enhance his skills through many additional courses including Structural Integration, Pediatrics for BodyTalk, Orthopedic Evaluation and Lymphatic Drainage, etc.  He’s also had the opportunity to take several advanced courses with the founder of BodyTalk, John Veltheim. David enjoys learning new concepts and techniques to expand his practice and enhance results for his clients. The addition of

a new energy camera (Bio-Well GDV camera), has allowed him to visually show clients their energetic state and demonstrate how BodyTalk can create positive changes in energy levels, stress levels and overall balance.

David will be taking appointments remotely from at least Mar 23, 2020 -  Apr 3, 2020 as a precautionary measure. Distance sessions are available via Skype, FaceTime or by Phone.

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